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Patient Exams
New Patient Exam - Yes, Dr. Ritz is accepting new patients. Our goal is achieving and maintaining optimal oral health for all of our patients. We will spend quality time getting to know each patient so we understand how they feel about dentistry and what expectations they have from our staff. New patients will start in our hygiene department receiving a complete oral evaluation that includes x-rays and a periodontal/oral cancer exam with an overall health screening by our hygienist. This appointment will be the essential building block of an effective treatment plan.
General and Preventative Care
Cleaning/Oral Cancer Screening - Twice a year, our hygienist will clean and polish your teeth. During this appointment a full periodontal exam and oral cancer screening will be conducted. X-rays will be taken annually. Dr. Ritz will perform a full exam, evaluating signs of tooth decay and wear.
Sealants - Dr. Ritz recommends sealing the natural grooves or crevices in children's permanent molars. The process involves a simple painting of clear material onto the chewing surface of the teeth to reduce the potential for decay.
Periodontal Therapy - Periodontal disease is an infection of the gums that destroys the bone support of natural teeth. Plaque is the primary cause of gum disease in most individuals. We offer non-surgical therapy for periodontal disease. This is called scaling-and-root planning. Often maintenance visits are scheduled at a 3 or 4 month interval so that we can help you maintain healthy gums. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in American adults. This disease has also been linked to diabetes complications, increased risk of stroke, heart attack, respiratory problems, osteoporosis, and low birth weight.

Restorative Care
Bridges - A bridge is a dental restoration that fills the space where one or more teeth are missing. The bridge is held in place by crowns, which we attach to teeth on either side of the gap. The bridge restores your bite and helps keep the natural shape of your face. Dr. Ritz works with a trusted lab to create customized bridge work.
Bruxism (teeth grinding) Therapy -Some patients react to stress by grinding their teeth unconsciously during the day or, more commonly, while sleeping. The constant pressure and motion can harm teeth, as well as muscles and tissues in and around the jaw. The condition, known as bruxism, can be remedied with a night guard. Dr. Ritz will work with a reputable lab to create an appliance that will work best for you.
Composite Fillings - Dr. Ritz tints composite resin to create a tooth colored filling. A filling is required when one or more surfaces of a tooth presents with decay.
Crowns - Crowns are typically used to restore a tooth's function and appearance following a restorative procedure such as a root canal. When decay in a tooth has become so advanced that large portions of the tooth must be removed, crowns are often used to restore the tooth. Crowns are also used to attach bridges, cover implants, prevent a cracked tooth from becoming worse, or if an existing filling is in jeopardy of becoming loose or dislocated. Crowns also serve an aesthetic use, and are applied when a discolored or stained tooth needs to be restored to its natural appearance.
Endodontic (Root Canal) - Inside each tooth is the pulp which provides nutrients and nerves to the tooth, it runs like a thread down through the root. when the pulp is diseased or injured, the pulp tissue dies. If you don't remove it, your tooth gets infected and you could probably lose it. After Dr. Ritz removes the pulp, the root canal is cleaned and sealed off to protect it. Then Dr. Ritz places a crown over the tooth to help make it stronger.

Partial and Complete Dentures - If you've lost all of your natural teeth, whether from periodontal disease, injury or tooth decay complete dentures can replace your missing teeth and your smile. Replacing missing teeth will benefit your appearance and your health. Without support from dentures, facial muscles sag, making a person look older. Dr. Ritz works with a trusted lab to create a new and beautiful smile just for you. We can work quickly and efficiently with the lab to make adjustments and needed repairs.

Cosmetic Dentistry
Porcelain Veneers - Dr. Ritz offers custom made, porcelain veneers to hide smile imperfections such as chips, stains, cracks, or slight misalignments. thin shells of ceramic bonded directly to the front surfaces of the teeth are an ideal solution for masking these problems.
Teeth Whitening - Everyone loves a bright, white smile. Today there are a variety of whitening products that can be purchased over-the-counter. However, over-the-counter whitening agents will not whiten your teeth as quickly or as effectively as those delivered by a dentist. Dr. Ritz uses a whitening product called Opalescence and many patients have had great success with this in our office.
Invisible Braces - are a series of clear, customized, removable appliances called aligners. Not only are these braces invisible, but they are also removable so they won't trap food and plaque between your teeth like metal braces. You'll wear each aligner for about two weeks and only remove it for eating, brushing, and flossing. This may be an option for individuals with mild spacing problems. Dr. Ritz uses the Simpli5 express aligner system from Allesee Orthodontic Appliances.

Dental Implants - Nothing can take the place of a healthy set of teeth, but when disease or an accident ends in tooth loss, it's good to know that there are options for restoring your smile. If you are self-conscious because you have missing teeth or you wear dentures, there is an alternative: dental implants. Dr. Ritz works closely with an oral surgeon, who can insert a small post at the site of the missing tooth. Dr. Ritz will then permanently attach a customized crown to the implant post. For large void areas implant-supported bridges and denture implants are available as well.